Association “Shining Dawn" expresses special gratitude to the following companies: 


The company made donations of products for the initiatives organized by the association. We thank the leadership of the company for their confidence in us, for their support of our cause and for their conviction that NGOs are a key factor in building a strong civil society! 

We are thankful for the special support in organizing the Congratulatory concert of DVUI Lozevo on 04.12.2009. The company became a major sponsor of the concert DVUI Lozevo with the belief that people with intellectual difficulties, as every human being need normal conditions to develop and exercise their creativity. We thank them for the trust and support in our efforts to uphold basic human values and rights to decent quality life of disadvantaged people! 


We are grateful for the support of the charity initiatives for the benefit of residents of a DVUI. Lozevo held in July and August 2009. The company donated a sanitation products and laundry detergents and thus expressed their solidarity with our efforts to form a clear civic position in support of the people with intellectual disabilities in our town. 


The company made a donation of hygienic and cosmetic products for our initiatives. Donated products were used as prizes in initiatives enabling the artistic expression of people with mental disabilities - the Karaoke Contest “Together with the Song” and the III Concurs for Artistic Performance of People with Mental Disabilities, Shumen 2009. 

We thank all media which reflected on the activities of association "Shining Dawn" : 

TV Shumen 
Radio Shumen
Newspaper “Shumenski Pokazatel” 
Newspaper "24 Hours" 
Radio Focus 
Forte Radio