A Breath of Summer - Karaoke show at Hotel Shumen

Хотел Шумен гостоприемно отвори врати за една благородна проява с полъха на лято
On 29 July in the restaurant of hotel Shumen “Shining Dawn” organized a karaoke show "A Breath of Summer" - an exciting adventure with the summer mood on the waves of music. People with intellectual disabilities from home Lozevo were special guests at the event. Together with members of the Association, they were divided into five teams, whose captain – the host of the show -  was Koko Panosyan. The teams started their symbolic sea voyage with the song "The Old Man and the Sea" sung by Roberta Dimitrova from vocal studio "Be a Star" at the Youth Centre Shumen.
The teams had to choose songs to perform from a list written on special rolls found in bottles brought by the sea. By turning the ship's rudder of chance, the teams could change their score which the jury gave for each of the songs performed.

Tiny sailboats with sails were our symbolic gift to all guests who also had the opportunity join in the singing activities in the second part of the show. For this they had to change place with boys from home Lozevo who assumed the role of the jury.

The good mood of the show was bolstered by the hot rhythms of the salsa dancers from the club "Encanto" and Dance Sport Club "Fairy Dance".

The final song – the official hymn of the town of Shumen – was sung by all participants and guests as a symbol of the return from each trip. After a wonderful evening filled with music and dance the participants parted with pleasant emotions, smiles and a fresh breath of summer.

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