Visiting Pippi at Villa “VILEKULA"

С благотворително детско шоу деца и родители от Шумен подкрепиха организирането на Четвърти конкурс "Неоткрити, красиви Надежди! ", Шумен 2010г.

The third edition of the charity children's carnival show "Fantasy for All" again surprised the participants with interesting ideas, adventure and games. This time the show carries the participants to the wonderful world of Pippi Longstock, who was celebrating her birthday with her friends Tommy and Annika. For more than an hour, the setting of the Irish pub in Shumen became one of the most colourful, noisy and exiting place in our town, transformed by the children's laughter. Bunnies, penguins, super heroes and princesses arrived as guests in the mysterious Villa Vilekula, which had opened its doors not only for the Feast of the little Pippi, but for a and a noble good cause: the support the creative work of people with mental disabilities .

We thank all parents who participated in this charity initiative of the association “Shining Dawn”. The funds will be used to organize the fourth creativity contest for people with mental disabilities “Undiscovered, Beautiful Hopes!” - Shumen 2010.

The celebration at the Irish pub ended with a review of carnival costumes, kids disco, prizes and lots of goodies that Pippi gave from a big box. A lot of positive emotions will remain in the hearts of the participants as a memory of a wonderful day filled with meaning and hope born of human compassion.