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ACTION REPORT: A Grant to the House of Medical Care for Children, Shumen
Posted: 2010-08-23 18:59:54


At the end of May, 2010, association “Shining Dawn" organized a feast at the nursery Home for medical care for children in Shumen with which to celebrate the birthdays of the children born in April and May.

We made a donation of152 BGN including:

- festive decoration, cake and fruits (worth 52 Lv.)

- new toys (worth 38 Lv.)

- second-hand (worth 62 Lv.) - donated by citizens in charity initiative of the association for collecting  for the benefit of the House of medical care for children, Shumen

ACTION REPORT: Donation at homes and institutions
Posted: 2010-04-26 20:54:14

Снимка от предаване на дарението в Център за социална рехабилитация и интеграция на лица с...
On 07.04.2010 Association “Shining Dawn" received a donation of total 3960 packages of snack  from local producer ITAL FOOD INDUSTRY AD - Shumen. The donation was delivered and distributed as follows: 

Home for adults with mental disabilities Lozevo - 30 boxes (date of donation 15.04.2010) 
Day care center for children and adults with disabilities "Sunbeam" Shumen - 20 boxes (date of donation 15.04.2010) 
Home for medical care for children (Mother and...
Posted: 2010-04-02 13:26:20
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