Visiting Pippi at Villa “VILEKULA"
Posted: 2011-03-27 09:29:23

С благотворително детско шоу деца и родители от Шумен подкрепиха организирането на Четвърти конкурс...

The third edition of the charity children's carnival show "Fantasy for All" again surprised the participants with interesting ideas, adventure and games. This time the show carries the participants to the wonderful world of Pippi Longstock, who was celebrating her birthday with her friends Tommy and Annika. For more than an hour, the setting of the Irish pub in Shumen became one of the most colourful, noisy and exiting place in our town, transformed by the children's laughter. Bunnies, penguins, super heroes and princesses arrived as guests in the mysterious...
Charity exhibition-bazaar "Citizens in Support ..." The tradition continues
Posted: 2010-12-09 09:32:38

Тази година инициативата се проведе в Сити център-гр. Шумен


This year one of the main initiatives of the Association “Shining Dawn” raising funds in support of
performances of people with mental disabilities was held at the City Center, Shumen.

Most of the objects in the traditional Charity Bazaar "Citizens in Support ..." were handmade by members of the association and citizens of Shumen. Thus many citizens showed their active position in support of the noble initiative and the objectives of the association. Many people bought objects and thus supported the disadvantaged.
Exhibition dedicated to the sea presented by children with disabilities in RIEW Shumen
Posted: 2010-10-31 14:16:56


Children with special educational needs of Boarding School "V.Drumev”, Day Care Center "Sunbeam", Shumen and Resource Center and Center for social rehabilitation and integration of the blind prepared a joint exhibition on International Day of the Black Sea - 31 October, 2010. It was located in the information center of RIEW - Shumen.

With the motto "The sea is for all” the participants in the initiative have expressed the idea that nature lives in us all and we are all equal in our feelings for her. The exposition presents...
Posted: 2010-10-29 00:29:16
Thracians at the Shumen Carnival of Fertility
Posted: 2010-10-08 07:57:06

Древно-тракийски ритуал на плодородието пресъздаден от сдружение "СИЯЙНА ЗОРА"
Carnival mood gripped our town from 1st to 3rd October this year. Over 4000 participants from home and abroad participated in the event. In the central streets of Shumen colorful costumes and masks blended with the voices of mummers brass bells.

Association "Shining Dawn" took part in the carnival parade for a first time. In line with the theme of the carnival, our representatives recreated an ancient Thracian ritual of fertility through the medium of dance. The race of the Bulgarian people is determined...
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