Posted: 2010-06-26 22:22:18

Членове на Сдружението помагаха неотлъчно на момчетата през цялото време на турнира
On 19.06.2010 at the Shumen Dam, association “Shining Dawn” organized a friendly fishing tournament for the boys from home Lozevo. Everyone of them had a special place prepared, a fishing rod and bait to be able to experience something that for most of them was a first in their lives. 

Seasoned fishermen, members of the association and friends were up to help each boy, showing them how to put a bait and line. After the first lesson, the boys began to cope alone managing tighter lines and turning wheels, looking as if doing that fоr a long...
DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL - Charity exhibition of Subsidiary School "Vasil Drumev“ -Shumen
Posted: 2010-06-08 16:52:43

Пана и сувенири на деца със специални образователни потребности набираха средства в помощ на...
Exhibition of masks, posters and souvenirs for children with special educational needs raised funds to help graduates of the Subsidiary School “Vasil Drumev”.

On April 26 in Regional Library “Stilian Chilingirov”, Boarding school “Vasil Drumev” - Shumen opened its first ever exhibition entitled "Different but Equal." The event aimed to acquaint the public of our town with the achievements of graduates of the school, give them a chance to express themselves and their skills, and help raise funds to organize the prom for this year's...
Wild geranium and green branches for St. George
Posted: 2010-05-17 20:10:21

С букетче здравец самодиви посрещаха гостите на входа на хижа "Пазачница"

A sports festival with the participation of people with disabilities from Home Lozevo was organized to mark St. George day. The initiative under the motto "Friendship for All” was held at Hut “Pazatchnitsa” in the Natural Park Shumen Plateau and this year was inspired by Bulgarian folk traditions. 

Flowers and green branches adorned the hall and the courtyard of the hut, and visitors were greeted by fairies who gave them bouquet of wild geranium. 

Fairies welcomed everyone with bread...
“TO COLOUR THE DREAMS AND RESURECT HOPE!” – Traditional charity event
Posted: 2010-04-14 23:12:54

Красиво табло със снимки отразяваше дейността на сдружение "СИЯЙНА ЗОРА" по време на базара
Our traditional charity bazaar “To Colour the Dreams and Resurrect Hope!” brought many colours and good feelings in our town. It took place on 2-3 April, 2010 near “Three Saints” Church on Crystal square.
The main attraction was the Easter bunny – our very own the dressed up member - who invited the public to see the charity stand, took photos of the children and gave them sweets.
Colourful Easter eggs, souvenirs and cards, made by members and friends of association “Shining Dawn” gathered money for the cause of offering...
Lazarus Day at the Nursery Home for Social and Medical Care for Children - Shumen
Posted: 2010-04-11 17:31:42

Пролетна украса за сектор "Малформации" изработиха членове на сдружение "СИЯЙНА ЗОРА"
The presentation of the feast on Lazarus day and the preparations for the Easter were the occasion for a visit to the children from the Nursery Home for Medical and Social Care in Shumen.
We decorated with large hand made flowers and butterflies the rooms in sector Malformation, housing the laying and seriously ill children. Our idea was to the introduce some better spring uplifting atmosphere which is always related to Lazarus day and the Easter celebrations.
The children were very happy. We brought eggs and sweet bread and joined their special party, where...
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