At Nursery Home - Shumen
Posted: 2010-04-16 00:18:29

Mrs. Bistra Stoyanova - member of the sssociation “Shining Dawn” - made 11 children waistcoats  for the Nursery Home for Medical and Social Care. Her careful knitting work was part of the association’s donation for the sector “Malformation” at the Home  
A Basketball Ground for DVUI LOZEVO
Posted: 2009-08-15 15:30:58
Inspired by the brilliant performance of the  boys from home Lozevo at the national Summer Games of Special Olympics in 2008, we initiated the building of a basketball ground in the premises of the home. A contract was signed with the management of DVUI Lozevo for joint action. Association “Shining Dawn” made a donation and installed a waterproof hardboard and metal structures for the playground. The amount of the donation amount was 859 BGN. We thank our friends from the company SATEX for their support.
At Home "Kalinka"
Posted: 2009-08-15 15:29:49

On 29 and 30 October 2008 by prior agreement between the association “Shining Dawn” and DMUI "Kalinka", our member Nadia Varbanova did voluntary work by trimming 20 children from home "Kalinka". The association also made a donation of clothes.